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Name Lactarius indigo
Group Agaric
Description Bright blue with concentric rings on pileus, fading to greenish blue with age. Copius blue latex when cut, short stipe relative to pileus width.
Distribution Beneath Quercus oleoides forest on Rincón de la vieja, throughout Santa Rosa. Very common at Finca Jenny.
Color Bright blue
Shape Convex, shallowly to deeply depressed
Diameter 3.5-11 cm
Surface Smooth
Margin texture Entire
Margin Shape Involute to arched
Context color Blue
Color Blue
change? greenish or brownish with age
Gill attach Subdecurrent
Gill spacing Close
Lamellulae? Many
Color Bright blue
Position Central to Excentric
Form Variable
Length 1.8-7 cm
Diameter 8-19 mm
Surface Smooth
Growth habit Scattered to gregarious
Volva No
Annulus No
Spore Print Pale yellow
Notes Copious blue latex when cut, stipe often hollow

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