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Name Cenococcum geophilum
Color Black
Description Low mag Unambiguously black tip, with beaded surface. Beads are large and pronounced, like a blackberry. Hyphae wiry and black, very thick projecting in all directions, visible under lowest magnification. Tends to be isolated, confined to a single tip.
Hyphae description Thick, black wiry, radiating in all directions from tip.
Distribution Ubiquitous in ACG
System morphology not branched to monopodial pinnate
Tip morphology straight
Emanating hyphae
Clamps? no
Septae? no
Anastomoses? no
Shape cylindrical
Hyphal length very long
Hyphal density none to various
Hyphal distribution regular to clumped
Hyphae color black opaque
Mantle type ?
Lustre shiny
Quantity not observed

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